Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Global Scie community. We love to hear from storytellers, innovators and small business owners that are part of the global health movement. We love it when people want to share their stories with us. But, we want to emphasize that, while the majority of our followers are highly educated young folks, the writing on Global Scie has to be short, simple and straight to the point. Think of it this way, the average Google employee is expected to be able to explain a complex Adworks sub-product to a teenager just like they would to a forty year old CEO. Language should be simple, interesting and captivating.

We accept many different types of submissions from writers and photographers. If your submission has been published previously, please make sure to provide a link to where it has been published.

We are currently accepting:

  • Personal Essays (photo & written)

  • Global Health Influencers Profiles

  • Latest Innovations

  • Small Businesses


We reserve the right to approve all content that is published, and not all submissions will be accepted. Because of the amount of submissions we receive, it could take up to two to four weeks for a response.

We receive amazing submissions from people all over the world. In order to be considered for publication in Global Scie, please include all of the following information with your submission:

  • Name and contact information (including website and/or Social Media)

  • 6-10 high quality images or link to an online gallery

  • Information about the story idea or photo essay

We welcome your input, stories, and ideas that you would like to share on our platform. If so, please submit your story.

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